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This section contains legal documents for the Fedora Project. These documents govern Fedora Project releases and this site.

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Note Regarding

Cornell University and the University of Virginia offer an open source digital object repository software under the mark FEDORA Project. Red Hat's Fedora Project is not affiliated, connected or associated with the FEDORA Project of Cornell University and the University of Virginia. Cornell University and the University of Virginia do not sponsor, approve of, or endorse Red Hat's Fedora Project.

Forbidden Items

There are many software applications that are not included in Fedora due to incompatibility with our licensing guidelines of including only legally unencumbered Free and open source software. You can find a list of the common ones with brief explanations at the ForbiddenItems page.


Please see Legal/Licenses.


There is a Bugzilla tracker bug named FE-Legal. If a package review ticket is blocked by the FE-Legal tracker bug, this means that the person who set the block believes that the package raises an issue under Fedora's Licensing Guidelines or other aspects of the Fedora Project's legal policies.

Package reviews blocked by the FE-Legal tracker bug cannot be approved or imported until the block is lifted by Fedora Legal.

The Trademark Guidelines

These are the guidelines that protect the Fedora name and brand.

Trademark Guidelines

Export Control

Certain restrictions may apply to Fedora Project releases.

Fedora Export Control Product Matrix

Legal Guidelines For Fonts

Privacy Policy

Open Legal Issues

Issues that have been allotted to the Fedora Legal team for expert advise are available from the FedoraLegalIssues page.


If you have any legal questions that can be discussed in public, post to fedora-legal-list . If you have any private legal questions send a mail to legal AT This is taken care of by TomCallaway