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Old projects

Projects that were once active, but aren't any more. Feel free to rekindle them!

The Library

This page is a Startpage for all kinds of Material surounding Marketing and also Artwork that could be used for Marketing Material, but what is not actual being used completly for F12, F13, F14 or whatever. Its as the name says a kind of Archive where you can found material you can work with.


Here we want to collect all kind of photos regarding the fedoraproject. It can be usefull for presentations, upcoming PR work or anything else what involves some kind of graphic or picture (reminder: a picture can tell more than 1000 words...).
ToDo: find a flossy kind of photoarchive to keep all this in

  • Package #1
  • Package #2
  • etc.

Musthave for that Package

  • view/edit EXIF Data
  • Userright based (maybe combined with FAS-Account or something like that)
  • ?
  • ?

  • photosharing and providing feedback
  • On Location (=Events): Equipment Sharing
  • having photo-safari's and / or photoshootings @fedora-Events or with Friends
  • Tools we use to show, edit, etc. photos...
  • photoworkshop for / of $Fedora_photographers

legal stuff

if you are making pictures of people be aware that it could be a legal issue and so it is good to have there permission to have such pictures and the allowness to use them.

Here is a Template for a TfP Model release forme you can use.

Attention: That template is a common used TfP model contract and not yet Redhat legal approved. You can use it for personal use, but maybe it have to have RH-legal approvement later.


Here we collect all textual based stuff you can use as a basis for your work. You always can look at Marketing SOPs, Release infos, etc. but sometimes you need text out of that context ... maybe you can find it here...

  • Interview Questions Template
  • where to find xy text on/for fedora in common...
  • etc.


Here we collect all Soundbased snippets and stuff you can use.


Here we collect the videomaterial

  • that have not to be the "official" onts that are out, maybe there are snippets / Trailers around...

other comments

  • Framework: aiki (maybe); its the same as
  • communication: IRC (Freenode) - #fedora-photo (primary) and #fedora-art (secondary)

Questions?! Please feel free to add things or ask.

--wonderer 00:21, 16 May 2010 (UTC)