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WIP Marketing Plan Fedoraproject


Step1: Survey (looking from inside to inside)
- in what we are good (e.g. Opensource OS, Communitybuilding)
- in what we are bad
- Quantification (-> Ambassadors / Contributors fluctuations (coming and going) )

Step 2: Inventory check (looking from outside to inside)
- how satisfied are the users, the community, friends, world...
- what do they say about strong leadership, bleeding edge OS
- strength and weakness [ PRO | CON ]

Step 3: (surround) audit
- where are we standing compared to other FOSS Projects
- what influences the project
- complete Audit = Inventory check plus (surround) audit

Step 4: analyze
- what if...?
- competitor monitoring

Step 5: the goals
- longtime planing >= 5 years
- alternatives (if, then...)
- quantitative measurably (statistics; e.g. how many press releases we get out in the field
with one PM / country
- mission & vision -> freedom, friends, features, first

Step 6: Options

Step 7: the marketing plan