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Dial-in details

Last meeting's notes


Roll call

Max Spevack, Michael Tiemann, Ian Weller, Karsten Wade, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Mel Chua


IAN -- Update on Statistics work. When can we actually see some stats? What areas are you focusing on? How are you implementing it, etc. Tell us everything.

MEL -- Websites. We know you're spending some of your time on this. What's currently going on? Who's in charge of things? What goals have been set? What does your personal time here look like?

GENERAL -- Fedora Marketing meeting on Tuesday, and Project FooBar (including Fedora News, Fedora Design, and Fedora Infrastructure).

KARSTEN -- Cookbook & IPA plans for this week?

GREG -- Spacewalk and other plans for this week? Tools for creating test data sets.

MEL & GREG -- POSSE, everything ok? Press plan update. Logistics update. Internal announcement?