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Roll call

Max, Greg, Jack, Harish, Mel


  • Report on FAD Malaysia
    • About 80 people showed up.
    • Talks about FEL, JBoss on Fedora.
    • Bits of synergy w/ Red Hat Malaysia.
  • F11 Singapore launch on Wednesday -- 200 people signed up, mostly students.
    • Fedora Ambassadors helping to make it happen.
    • Demos, joining the community, etc.
  • Tomorrow is Fedora 11. Red Hat website?
  • What's happening @ HFOSS & SELF?
  • POSSE -- logistics are all in-hand. Brand team and website question.
  • Education update to mrc, will be done via email.
  • Managerial stuff
    • New deliverables page.
    • If you haven't read the Cookbook, read it this week.
    • Ian Weller joins us next week.
    • June is a big travel month.