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OpenStack consists of a number services for running IaaS clouds. They are the Object Store (Swift), Compute (Nova) and Image (Glance) services.

This page tracks Fedora Cloud SIG's effort to include OpenStack packages in Fedora.


Package Reviews

Test Repo

A yum repository with Fedora 16 test packages for Nova and Glance is available here

See Getting started with OpenStack Nova for details on how to try out the packages from this repo.

Nova To Do

Some short term TODO items related to Nova packaging. When the package is added, these should be tracked in bugzilla.

  1. Build minimal Fedora images for people to use when testing Nova
  2. Make Nova add the appropriate iptables rules so that it works with Fedora's default firewall configuration
  3. Send these trivial patches to upstream Nova
  4. Request that python-eventlet be updated in Fedora to the latest upstream which contains the greenpipe fix
  5. Send the python-migrate fix upstream and request that it be cherry-picked into the Fedora package
  6. Figure out what to do about ajaxterm
  7. SELinux policy
  8. Use the reserved 162:162 uid:gid for the nova user
  9. no-manual-page-for-binary warnings
  10. Switch from sysvinit scripts to systemd units

To Package

  1. python-nova-adminclient - a Python library for Nova's admin API
  2. noVNC - a HTML5 VNC client
  3. openstack-dashboard - self service web UI for OpenStack
  4. openstack-melange - network information service (will be part of openstack-nova?)
  5. openstack-quantum - network connectivity service
  6. openstack-reddwarf - database as a service (will be part of openstack-nova?
  7. openstack-keystone - identity service
  8. openstack-burrow - message queue