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OpenStack consists of a number services for running IaaS clouds. This includes Object Store (Swift), Compute (Nova) and Image (Glance) services, among others.

This page tracks Fedora Cloud SIG's effort to maintain OpenStack in Fedora. See our periodic status reports for an insight into what's been happening.

Getting Started

See Getting started with OpenStack Nova, Getting started with OpenStack on Fedora 17 or Getting started with OpenStack EPEL for details on how to try out the OpenStack packages.

Preview repository

OpenStack has a preview repository, allowing Fedora N-1 users to try out OpenStack packages from the latest Fedora release etc. This is similar to the Virtualization Preview Repository.

Preview packages, may be installed from the side repository using yum after downloading the appropriate .repo file to /etc/yum.repos.d

Test days

Fedora OpenStack test days are very useful both to test new packages and as a quick way to get up to speed on the various OpenStack components.


You can query all Fedora OpenStack packages and drill down there to builds, bugs, source, etc.


Download offical Fedora 19 cloud images from

Also users can build their own cloud images using Oz.

OpenStack Official Documentation

OpenStack in EPEL

The OpenStack in EPEL 6 is Folsom, supporting RHEL 6.3. See the Getting started with OpenStack EPEL for installation and setup notes

Using Foreman to manage Openstack, see the How_to_Deploy_Openstack_on_RHEL6_using_Foreman notes

You can drill down to the latest "el6" version of each of the openstack packages to see, the latest versions available and associated changes.