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Fedora项目是本身组成的称为次级项目,共同来使完成这些项目,它是什么,很多的不同项目。 这些项目分享他们的资源,是一个统一的社会的一部分。 什么定义这些项目之一,并将其设置除了在社区内的其他努力有关的详细信息,参阅我们的一个项目的定义.

我们试图定义为项目的队内这些资格有关的一些基本规则以便建立的质量水平和我们的事态发展的全面了解。 对此,详细信息参阅一个项目的定义.

Fedora 文档项目

Fedora文档项目 (通常被称之为文档项目)为Fedora用户提供有价值的文档和参考资料。

Fedora 本地化项目


Fedora 推广项目


Fedora 大使

The Fedora 大使 furthers the goals of Fedora Marketing through grass-roots efforts and event coordination.

Fedora 设计项目

Fedora 设计项目 (formerly known as the Artwork Team) is responsible for enhancing the look and feel of the Fedora Project through graphics and sound.

Fedora 基础设施项目

Fedora 基础设施项目 provides and maintains many of the critical technologies that keep the Fedora Project running.

Fedora 网站项目

The Fedora 网站项目, an initiative under Fedora Infrastructure, aims to develop and maintain the Fedora Project formal websites and to coordinate with community websites.

Fedora 国际化项目

Fedora 国际化项目 (i18n) focuses on making Fedora work well for many international languages.

Fedora 新闻项目

The Fedora 新闻项目 is where we collect, discuss, and disseminate news for the Fedora Project. This is the starting point and ending point for news and information activities in Fedora. As of 2007-04-02, Fedora Weekly Reports have been replaced by Fedora Weekly News.

Fedora 分发项目

The Fedora 分发项目 manages the various aspects of distributing Fedora on physical media. This includes managing the programs that distribute Fedora on physical media and organizing and maintaining information from vendors.

Fedora 特别兴趣小组

Fedora特别兴趣小组(简称SIG) are other efforts within the Fedora Project that don't meet the project definition.