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|Simplified Chinese(zh_CN)||{{result|pass|zh_CN}}||||
|Simplified Chinese(zh_CN)||{{result|pass|zh_CN}}||||
|German (de_DE)||{{result|pass|de_DE}}||||
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Instruction to run application


This is a translation testing for cracklib package.

How to test

1: Run command passwd

2: Use wrong password, easy password, empty password, special password

3: Check error messages in each password

4: Check the translations & quality of translations


Language Result [language code] Bug Comment
Example: abcd (ab_cd)
Fail fail ab_cd
Pass pass ab_cd
RHBZ #12345 This is the comment
Spanish (es_ES)
Pass pass es_ES
RHBZ # Accents and characters are replaced by question marks, but I assume it is a codification error in the VM.
Italian (it_IT)
Pass pass it_IT
Russian (ru-RU)
Fail fail ru_RU
RHBZ # All error messages are in English including "The password is a palindrome" which is not in a PO-file. To test: enter all spaces as a new password.
Marathi (mr_IN)
Fail fail mr_IN
For mr_IN although ~/cracklib/resource/fault-cracklib-po-cracklib-pot_0/ is 100% localized; found "The password fails the dictionary check", "The password is a palindrome" in english.
Hindi (hi_IN)
Fail fail hi_IN
Untranslated error message for less than 8 char and dictionary word.
French (fr_FR)
Fail fail fr_FR
Translated but translation needs to be reviewed.
Odia (or_IN)
Fail fail or_IN
Untranslated error msg found in case of less that 8 char long password.
Telugu (te_IN)
Fail fail te_IN
Untranslated error messages: The password is a palindrome, The password fails the dictionary check, The password is shorter than 8 characters, The password is shorter than 8 characters
Assamese (as_IN)
Fail fail as_IN
Untranslated error messages: "The password is too similar to the old one" and "The password is shorter than 8 characters"
Tamil (ta_IN)
Fail fail ta_IN
For short password: Untranslated

For easy password: Untranslated

For password with repeated spelling (ex: carcarcar, filefilefile): Partially translated

Kannada (kn_IN)
Fail fail kn_IN
Not fully translated
Korean (ko_KR)
Fail fail ko_KR
Error messages are partially localized (eg. The password is a palindrome, The password fails the dictionary check, The password is shorter than 8 characters) but, is 100% in upstream.
Simplified Chinese(zh_CN)
Pass pass zh_CN
German (de_DE)
Pass pass de_DE

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