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For a list of planned Fedora 17 test days, see below. To propose a test day topic, see QA/Test_Days/Create.

Test days typically fall on Thursdays - this is to help make it be a regular event that people can calendar into their schedules. However, alternate days are available. Please use the schedule below to avoid conflicts.

Date Event Trac Ticket
See F17 Schedule and Features
2011-11-08 Fedora 16 Release
Planning & Development Begins
2012-01-24 Feature Submission Deadline
2012-02-07 Feature Freeze--Planning & Development Ends
2012-02-07 Branch Fedora 17 from Rawhide-- Branch Freeze
2012-02-09 Open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2012-02-14 Software String Freeze
2012-02-14 Alpha Change Deadline
2012-02-16 Open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2012-02-23 Open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2012-02-28 Alpha Release
2012-03-01 Open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2012-03-07 i18n L10N fedora-qa ticket#271
2012-03-08 OpenStack fedora-qa ticket#267
2012-03-13 Software Translation Deadline
2012-03-15 Gnome Shell and Extensions fedora-qa ticket#285
2012-03-20 Beta Change Deadline
Features 100% Complete
2012-03-22 Sugar Desktop fedora-qa ticket#270
2012-03-29 Open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2012-04-03 Beta Release
2012-04-04 Power Management fedora-qa ticket#264
2012-04-12 Virtualization fedora-qa ticket#269
2012-04-19 Gnome Boxes fedora-qa ticket#276
2012-04-23 Final Change Deadline
2012-04-24 Compose 'Final' RC
2012-04-26 Open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2012-05-03 Open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2012-05-08 Fedora 17 Final Release