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Joining Fedora Quality Assurance - Proven Testers

What are Quality Assurance Proven Testers?

The Proven Testers are a dedicated group of the Fedora Quality Assurance Community who work towards making sure packages in the Critical Path are not broken in Fedora Branched.

How to Join

The following steps are imperative to join the QA Proven Testers:

Step Task Details
1 Sign up for the Fedora Account System. You must have a FAS account before you participate here.
2 Complete the CLA through the Account System. It is compulsory to sign the CLA (contributor licence agreement) for participating in this group.
3 Pick a Mentor! As the interested QA Community member, it is your responsibility to request a mentor from the Fedora QA Trac instance by filing a new ticket.
4 Apply for Proven Testers Details of the procedure to apply for the Proven Testers QA group are below.

Once these steps are complete and your mentor feels you are versed enough in the processes and methods of the QA Community, your application for approval to the Critical Path Wranglers will be brought up for review with the current Critical Path Wranglers. Once approved by the Critical Path Wranglers, you will be able to apply for, and be approved for, the ProvenTesters group within FAS.

The QA group within FAS will grant the ability to add what is known as "weighted" karma inside of Bodhi to the Critical Path packages within Fedora Fedora Branched. Karma that is "weighted" is known as such because each package that requires it must have, at minimum, a quota of weighted karma in addition to karma added by all other QA Community members. This means that everyone can offer up karma to the packages within Critical Path but a certain number of Proven Tester's karma is required to go stable.

Proven Testers Mentor Candidates

A Mentor candidate is any current Proven Tester, an interested QA Community Member who would like to become sponsored must request a current Proven Tester as their Mentor as part of their trac ticket if they have a preference of who mentors them. Once the candidate Mentor accepts the interested QA Community Member's request this Mentor will oversee the interested member and help them work within the Critical Path QA efforts, policies, and procedures.

Proven Testers Testing Processes and Procedures

FIXME: Should probably have some content here, potentially a link to things such as AdamW's new Update testing policy (once its written/finalized).