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Previous meeting follow-up

  • [wwoods] - write a few more upgrade cases (encrypted root upgrade)
  1. [adamw] - BugStatusWorkFlow - to file a ticket to get bodhi fixed
  2. [adamw] - BugStatusWorkFlow - ask bugzilla guys to add a link from the bugzilla fields description page to the wiki page, for fedora
  3. [jlaska] - Send informal test day feedback survey to fedora-test-list and test day participants
  4. [poelcat] - Propose updated F12 schedule with blocker bug dates

Autoqa update

F-11-GA Preparation

Slipped 1 week

F-11 Common Bugs

Bring out your bugs! Discussion around documenting known and open Fedora 11 issues in Common_F11_bugs. Looking for representation on the 3 biggies ...

  1. Any installation issues
  2. X and KMS issues (intel, nouveau, radeon)
  3. Any Alsa/pulse sound issues

The Current list of bugs with fedora_requires_release_note = ? (note, this likely includes old bugs that don't apply).

Open discussion

Upcoming QA events

Action items

IRC Transcript