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Triage Days

Triage Days are events where existing and new members of the Bugzappers group can get together and work on triaging. They have two main purposes: to get the group together to work effectively on a single important triage task, and to allow existing members to help new members get started with triage work, walking them through initial set up and triaging their first few bugs.

When and where

There are currently no upcoming Triage Days scheduled. However, BugZappers are generally available on #fedora-bugzappers. Feel free to stop by and ask any questions you have.

Who and why

If you're already an experienced Bugzapper, please come along to help welcome new members and do some triaging work in a collaborative spirit. If you're a new member, come along to get some help getting started from the experienced members of the group. And if you're not yet a member of the Bugzappers group but are interested in helping out, come along too - we can help you join the group and get started with triaging, all during the Triage Day.