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  • adamw (94)
  • dan408 (40)
  • tflink (23)
  • kparal (22)
  • j_dulaney (14)
  • jreznik (14)
  • pjones (6)
  • zodbot (4)
  • brunowolff (3)
  • nirik (2)
  • satellit_e (2)
  • martix (1)
  • j_dulane1 (1)
  • mkrizek (1)
  • Southern_Gentlem (1)
  • pschindl (1)


  • Previous meeting follow-up
  • Fedora 19 Alpha status/recap
  • Beta release criteria
  • Test Days
  • Open floor

Previous meeting follow-up

  • adamw to send out another call for UEFI testing with TC6 - this was done, and we got a good amount of UEFI testing before go/no-go
  • jreznik to follow up on status of Translations (l10n) test day- jreznik did so, and the event went off well

Fedora 19 Alpha recap

  • Alpha was signed off and ready to go
  • adamw created and populated the Common_F19_bugs page
  • kparal noted the tracker bug aliases are kind of long at present (kparal); adamw explained the old-style aliases are only going to be used for F19 as a 'backwards compatibility' measure, from F20 onwards bugs will have only the new-style aliases
  • There was a vote of thanks to all Alpha testers

Beta planning

  • anaconda recently revised how containers (LVM, btrfs) are handled in custom partitioning: we will get some images to do some testing of those changes shortly
  • The first blocker review meeting was scheduled for 04-24, Beta TC1 for 04-30
  • The new-style Beta release criteria still needed to be finished off

Test Days

Open floor

  • tflink reported that the blocker bug proposal webapp should go into production during the week

Action items

  • adamw to complete Beta criteria update
  • adamw to add iscsi test case back to the matrix


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 15:00
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adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
adamw #topic roll call 15:00
* pschindl is here 15:00
tflink rolls? 15:00
* satellit_e listening 15:00
* mkrizek is here 15:00
* Southern_Gentlem is lurking 15:00
adamw forward roll! 15:01
adamw backward roll! 15:01
* nirik is lurking around. 15:01
adamw barrel roll! 15:01
tflink adamw: successful dodge! 15:02
adamw cheese roll! 15:02
* brunowolff is here 15:02
* jreznik is here but has to leave earlier, in 30 minutes... expects being fired 15:03
brunowolff You guys made me hungry, now I need to go get some food. 15:03
adamw just don't get the barrel rolls 15:04
adamw they're off 15:04
adamw #topic previous meeting follow-up 15:04
adamw #info adamw to send out another call for UEFI testing with TC6 - that was done, we got quite a lot of data 15:05
adamw it's interesting how many people will test something specific if you send out an email call but don't usually do validation testing... 15:05
adamw jreznik - "jreznik to follow up on status of Translations (l10n) test day" 15:05
dan408 here but not here 15:05
* jreznik tried to spread it around "social" networks and it worked 15:05
jreznik L10n results are available in the Test Day wiki page - under provide results column 15:06
jreznik #link 15:06
jreznik 19 languages (de, es, it, fr, pt-br, ru, ja, ko, zh-cn, zh-tw, as, gu, hi, kn, ml, mr, or, te and ta) were covered 15:07
adamw great, thanks 15:07
adamw #info jreznik to follow up on status of Translations (l10n) test day - this was done, event was successful 15:07
adamw #topic Fedora 19 Alpha recap 15:08
adamw welp, not a whole lot to say here really - we got 19 signed off, and I think it was a pretty low-stress cycle 15:08
* kparal arrives late 15:08
dan408 yep 15:09
* j_dulaney waves 15:09
adamw i've already done the commonbugs page, might be one or two proposed left 15:09
jreznik adamw: thanks, I've checked it, looks good 15:10
adamw #info 19 Alpha is signed off and ready to go 15:10
adamw #info adamw has added most nominated issues to 15:10
adamw if anyone can think of any other bugs that ought to go on the common bugs page, please add the CommonBugs keyword 15:10
adamw any other thoughts on alpha? I couldn't really come up with much, it seemed to go off pretty well in all honesty 15:12
adamw seems like all the process changes etc worked fine 15:12
adamw anyone have any notes on how the NTH -> FE transition is going, automatic blockers, new criteria etc? 15:12
j_dulane1 Trying this again 15:12
brunowolff UEFI sucks. Hopefully by f20 support will be mature enough we won't have a lot of problems with it. 15:12
dan408 im having issues with the netinstall 15:13
tflink agreed that it seemed to go well outside of the UEFI fun times 15:13
dan408 but this is on vbox 15:13
dan408 i will try on hardware tonight 15:13
dan408 along with uefi 15:13
dan408 haven't got around to it, sorry 15:13
* satellit_e is cinnamon fixed? 15:13
dan408 no 15:13
dan408 gnome 3.8 broke cinnamon 15:14
dan408 it's being worked on by upstream 15:14
kparal adamw: I'd remove one of the blocker/FE aliases from bugzilla. they're making the alias really long 15:14
kparal see 15:14
kparal Blocks: AlphaFreezeException/F19Alpha-accepted/F19AlphaFreezeExcept 15:14
* jreznik likes how NTH->FE was handled, automatic blockers and the new criteria are more understable and readable than before, +1 to QA team! 15:14
tflink yeah, I've noticed that as well 15:14
adamw kparal: i'm only intending to keep the 'old-style aliases' for f19 15:14
kparal I think we can safely remove "*-accepted" 15:15
kparal ok 15:15
jreznik kparal: it's long but only transition time 15:15
adamw as a backwards-compatibility thing 15:15
kparal adamw: well, I guess nobody else than us really has some scripts 15:15
kparal to work with blocker bugs 15:15
adamw kparal: more just backwards compatibility with people's brains :) 15:15
tflink do we have scripts that depend on aliases? 15:16
adamw unfortunately we can't tell from bugzilla mails which alias they used to nominate a bug so i've no idea if people are using the old ones, or the new ones, or the IDs 15:16
kparal tflink: maybe some stats scripts 15:16
j_dulaney adamw: I use IDs 15:16
kparal and when I look at 919374, I see "Blocks: AlphaBlocker/F19Alpha/F19AlphaBlocker". is one of those also a compatibility name? 15:17
adamw #info tracker bug aliases are kind of long at present (kparal): the old-style aliases are only going to be used for f19 (adamw) 15:17
adamw kparal: F19Alpha 15:17
jreznik adamw: so the question is - was alpha enough transition period for people to get used to it or do we want to stick with it for f19 as the whole... also proposals via web should help now 15:17
kparal ok, so for F20 we will have just two words 15:17
adamw kparal: right - going forward, while a release is 'current' that release's tracker bugs will have two aliases, after release, just one 15:18
adamw jreznik: if it's a big deal we could switch now, probably 15:18
adamw i was planning on switching for f20 15:18
* kparal doesn't have a strong opinion on this 15:18
* j_dulaney doesn't care 15:20
* jreznik is ok with change after f20, yes, it's long, but not for forever 15:20
adamw ok, i guess i'll stick with the plan then 15:21
adamw any more notes on Alpha? 15:21
kparal I'd like to say it's great to see anaconda to "just work" 15:22
* kparal hopes the trend will continue 15:22
dan408 kparal: if anaconda is "just working" for you then you need to try some different scenarios 15:22
adamw dan408: not everyone is hitting the net install bug. i think we've established that pretty well. 15:23
adamw fwiw i haven't seen it in any of my tests either. 15:23
dan408 right 15:23
adamw anyhoo 15:23
jreznik and it's great stuff from our usability labs is coming to anaconda - if you're interested, I have amazing report from it 15:23
kparal dan408: I compare it relatively to the previous releases 15:24
dan408 there's only one previous release compare it to since it was rewritten, 18 15:24
dan408 so yeah compared to 18 it's obviously a lot better 15:25
dan408 i didnt like that the done button was moved from the bottom right to the top left 15:25
dan408 and i had issues on the software spoke that others confirmed 15:25
dan408 so yeah if you're just going through and doing an "automatic partitioning" gnome 3 install it goes through wonderfully 15:25
dan408 if that's all we care about then great 15:25
jreznik dan408: I can forward you the report, not saying it's perfect but it's great the feedback is considered and anaconda guys saw that people alive by theirs own eyes, it helps a lot, compared to bug report 15:26
dan408 sure 15:26
dan408 you have my info 15:26
dan408 i have a long list of things 15:26
jreznik and btw. thank you all in #fedora-qa for a work on alpha! 15:28
adamw +1 15:28
tflink +eleventymilliion 15:28
tflink typos, even :) 15:28
adamw alrighty then 15:29
adamw #info vote of thanks to all Alpha testers 15:29
adamw #topic Beta planning / release criteria 15:29
adamw so, next up comes Beta 15:29
adamw we may have some FUN BONUS TESTING before Beta, btw - dlehman is merging some new volume management UI into custom partitioning that he wants tested. so we're working on getting images to test that 15:30
adamw #info we may have some bonus testing to do on new custom partitioning volume management UI before Beta validation gets underway 15:30
dan408 a new volume management ui? 15:30
dan408 that would be interesting as that was one of my biggest annoyances 15:30
adamw yeah, for handling LVM and btrfs containers 15:30
dan408 anything about making standard partitioning easier? 15:31
adamw it should be a better UI plus allow some stuff that you can't do in the current way 15:31
adamw it's just about containers. 15:31
dan408 could we possibly get some love there please? 15:31
j_dulaney adamw: Is Anaconda with new UI in updates-testing? 15:32
adamw no. 15:32
j_dulaney adamw: Or, do I have to go somewhere funky for it? 15:32
adamw "so we're working on getting images to test that" 15:33
j_dulaney adamw: Kind of hard to put together an image if I don't have the Anaconda I'm supposed to be testing ... 15:33
adamw what image are you putting together? 15:34
j_dulaney I figure at the least a Live so I can test said Anaconda 15:34
adamw just be patient. it's coming. 15:35
* jreznik has to leave now for an hour, will re-read backlog, urgent things -> ping me 15:35
j_dulaney adamw: It's Finals week. Patience is in short supply :) 15:35
dan408 lol 15:35
adamw i was only trying to give a heads-up about something that's coming, not trying to send everyone off to build images and whatknot 15:35
j_dulaney Ah, my misunderstanding 15:36
adamw ok, so the other thing on my list is to get the new-format beta criteria finished 15:37
adamw the current draft is 15:38
adamw i need to add references to that at least 15:38
adamw #action adamw to complete Beta criteria update 15:38
adamw if anyone has comments/suggestions on the current sandbox (where it differs from the 'old' beta criteria) they'd be welcome 15:39
adamw does anyone have anything else for beta planning? 15:39
tflink we should probably look at and re-enable the iscsi tests 15:40
tflink IIRC, that used to be beta 15:40
dan408 so im doing a tc6 netinstall now over uefi 15:41
adamw ah yeah. there's only one 15:41
dan408 with secure boot 15:41
adamw i can easily re-add it to the matrix 15:41
dan408 on my desktop 15:41
dan408 will report back 15:41
adamw #action adamw to add iscsi test case back to the matrix 15:42
martix sorry I'm late, I've forgoten 15:42
pjones I'm not actually 100% sure net install + sb + uefi is even /expected/ to work. 15:42
tflink also look into graphical upgrades 15:42
dan408 pjones: already hit my first wall yes 15:42
tflink I don't know if that code is finished, though 15:42
adamw pjones: hmm? why not? 15:42
pjones adamw: shim doesn't have any code to fetch grub over the network... 15:43
dan408 grub is included in the image 15:43
adamw pjones: oh. by "net install" i think he just meant 'from boot.iso with remote repositories' 15:43
pjones ooooh, okay 15:43
pjones nevermind, yeah 15:43
adamw not pxe or something 15:43
dan408 the first error i got was "secure boot is not enabled" 15:43
pjones right 15:43
dan408 so i had to go in to the bios and turn on windows uefi 15:43
pjones dan408: that's not an error, it just means you have SB turned off. 15:43
adamw dan408: can you please debug/liveblog your installs somewhere other than a meeting? 15:43
dan408 sorry 15:44
adamw thanks 15:44
dan408 well it works 15:44
dan408 fyi 15:44
adamw so, anyhow: for the record, the first beta review meeting is in two days 15:44
tflink it is? 15:45
adamw the first Beta TC is scheduled for next tuesday 15:45
adamw tflink: that's what the schedule says. 15:45
* tflink needs to pay more attention to that schedule 15:45
adamw The Almighty Schedule! All hail the Almighty Schedule! 15:45
tflink that seems odd - release is tuesday 15:45
nirik did it perhaps not move out a week for the slip? 15:45
tflink I was hoping to have a bit of time to get the tracking app into production before the meetings started up 15:45
adamw we don't have to do one. 15:45
adamw looks like there are six proposed blockers and no proposed FE. 15:46
j_dulaney Are there any bugs listed as blocking beta? 15:46
j_dulaney nvm 15:46
tflink which means that it would probably be wise to do a meeting this week 15:46
adamw #info first blocker review meeting is scheduled for 04-23, Beta TC1 for 04-30 15:48
tflink adamw: 4-24, no? 15:48
tflink for the blocker meeting 15:48
adamw d'oh 15:48
adamw #undo 15:48
zodbot Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x11788b90> 15:48
adamw #info first blocker review meeting is scheduled for 04-24, Beta TC1 for 04-30 15:48
adamw anything else on beta? 15:49
tflink it'll be interesting to see if this helps - I suspect that the schedule wasn't slipped but I'm also not sure that moving the blocker review meetings and first TC up is a bad thing 15:49
j_dulaney +1 15:49
j_dulaney Well, I have to go 15:50
adamw #topic Test days 15:50
j_dulaney I have to practice for my recital this evening; wish me luck! It's only 90% of my grade ... 15:51
adamw any report on last week's test days, martix? 15:51
kparal 5 minutes ago he said he had to go 15:51
kparal I've already sent him an email, I'm afraid the upcoming graphics test days are becoming as monstrous events as the gnome test day 15:52
kparal too many test cases, it puts people off 15:52
kparal I suppose 15:52
kparal video acceleration or hybrid graphics or wayland or game testing can be all separate events 15:53
kparal and we could get wider audience with more focused test days 15:53
kparal but I don't have any hard data. I just know I enjoyed the smaller test days more than the huge ones we've seen lately 15:54
adamw ah, missed that 15:54
adamw #info power management test day went off well - 15:55
adamw #info freeIPA test day also seems to have gone well, lots of results in the matrix (including useful bug reports) 15:56
adamw #info upcoming is graphics test week - everyone please come out and test 15:56
adamw #topic open floor 16:00
adamw just as we hit the 1hr mark - anything for open floor? 16:00
dan408 i'd like to move 906031 to beta blocker or nth or something 16:00
adamw so, propose it 16:00
tflink we're planning to start the process of moving the blocker tracking app to production later this week 16:00
dan408 k 16:00
adamw this isn't a review meeting 16:00
dan408 proposed. 16:01
tflink there are a couple of minor fixes that we're waiting on but if everything goes well, the migration should be complete in the next week 16:01
tflink there will be downtime with the migration but I'll send out a notice before that happens 16:02
adamw #info blocker proposal webapp should go into production this week 16:05
adamw anything else? 16:05
tflink nothing from me 16:06
adamw okay - schroedinger's cat is holding the fuse 16:06
adamw ...OR IS IT?! 16:07
adamw thanks for coming, folks 16:08
adamw #endmeeting 16:08

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