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== Introduction ==
Before an official Fedora release comes out, several alpha, beta and release candidate releases - known collectively as pre-releases - are made available. You can contribute by installing these pre-releases and testing them. Testing will involve executing test cases to verify installation on different hardware platforms and gathering installation test feedback.  Everyone is encouraged to test anaconda and share your ideas, tests, and results.
== Scope and Approach ==
Testing will include:
* Manually executed test cases using DVD, CDROM, {{filename|boot.iso}} or live image media
* Automatically executed test cases via the [[AutoQA]] system. For more information about automatic testing, please see [[Is_anaconda_broken_proposal|Is Anaconda Broken Proposal]] and the [ install automation roadmap].
This is one of several [[:Category:Validation test plans|release validation test plans]]. Each covers a particular type of testing - installation, base, desktop etc. This test plan on its own does not cover all release criteria, but the set of release validation test plans taken together ought to do so.
== Timing of installation test events ==
Installation test events occur before milestone releases (e.g. Alpha, Beta, Final).  Often this includes a ''Test'' compose followed by one or more ''Release candidate'' composes.  A detailed list of QA events for {{FedoraVersion|long|next}} can be found at{{FedoraVersion||next}}/f-{{FedoraVersion||next}}-quality-tasks.html
== Test plan ==
The {{FedoraVersion|long|next}} Installation Test plan is available at [[QA:{{FedoraVersion|long|next}}_Install_Test_Plan]].
The test plan is designed to ensure that the release under test complies with the [[Fedora_Release_Criteria]].  If the criteria are adjusted or updated, new test cases should be created and no longer valid ones removed as appropriate.
== Results ==
Test results are recorded in a separate page for each test run.  To ensure consistency, new test result pages are created using a [[QA:{{FedoraVersion|long|next}} Install Results Template|template page]].  Test results for each release of Fedora are linked below.
* [[:Category:{{FedoraVersion|long|next}}_Test_Results|{{FedoraVersion|long|next}} install test results]]
* [[:Category:{{FedoraVersion|long|current}}_Test_Results|{{FedoraVersion|long|current}} install test results]]
* [[:Category:{{FedoraVersion|long|previous}}_Test_Results|{{FedoraVersion|long|previous}} install test results]]
* [[:Category:Install_Results_Templates|Additional installation results templates]]
{{admon/note|Current Test Results|Use [[Test Results:Current Installation Test|this link]] to visit the most current install test results page.}}
== Procedure ==
The procedure for managing installation validation testing is documented as part of the [[QA/SOP_Release_Validation_Test_Event|general release validation testing procedure]].
== Contact ==
For further information or to send comments about installation testing, please [[QA#Communicate|contact the QA group]].
== FAQ ==
* [[Bugs_and_feature_requests|How to report a bug]]
* [[How to debug installation problems]]
[[Category:Install Test]]
[[Category:Validation test plans]]

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