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This page contains various Fedora presentations made by members of the Fedora QA team.

Date Title Creator(s) Language Description
Oct 1, 2011 AutoQA Kamil Páral English Project overview and updates of AutoQA presented at FUDCon:Milan 2011
Jan 29, 2011 AutoQA update (PDF) James Laska English Current status and roadmap discussion of the AutoQA project presented at FUDCon:Tempe 2011
Sep 18, 2010 AutoQA introduction (PDF) Kamil Páral English Overview of the AutoQA project presented at FUDCon:Zurich 2010
Mar 18, 2010 Fedora QA: What do we do? liam, rhe English Overview of current QA efforts by members presented in Beijing
Dec 5, 2009 Fedora QA: What we do and how you can help adamwill English Presented at FUDCon:Toronto_2009
Dec 5, 2009 AutoQA and you wwoods English Overview of the AutoQA project presented at FUDCon:Toronto_2009