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Deliver an appliance to an SFTP server


Password authentication is not supported
Password is not supported, only key authentication without password is supported.
  1. Prepare your environment
  2. Ensure you have the correct keys registered to enable SFTP authentication on your server.
  3. Test your setup trying to connect to the host using specified username.
  4. Put the following BoxGrinder config into a file named: /root/.boxgrinder/config. Replace IP_ADDRESS_OR_HOST and YOUR_USERNAME with appropriate values
    username: YOUR_USERNAME
    path: /some/path/
BoxGrinder Build config file location
The default location for this file is /root/.boxgrinder/config. You can put this file in different location by specifying BG_CONFIG_FILE environment variable.

How to test

  1. Execute:
    boxgrinder-build testing-appliances/jeos-appls/fedora-15-jeos.appl -d sftp --trace

Expected Results

The following must be true to consider this a successful test run.

  1. Step #1 completes without error (indicated on console)
  2. Program completes with exit code 0
  3. Determine whether a packaged appliance file appeared on target host in the expected location