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This test case checks whether ABRT can GPG check using custom GPG keys. That means you can add trusted GPG keys used to sign packages from third-party repositories. See also QA:Testcase_abrt_GPG_check.

This test case can run only with correctly signed packages.
This test case can't be run on Rawhide or Rawhide-based builds because the packages are not properly signed in these distributions.

How to test

  1. Edit config file /etc/abrt/abrt.conf, and make sure OpenGPGCheck is set to yes.
  2. Install a package which is signed, but not with an official Fedora project signature - such as a package from a popular third-party repository - and cause an application from the package to crash.
  3. Add the GPG key with which the package is signed to the file /etc/abrt/gpg_keys. Every separate key should be on a new line.
  4. Restart ABRT with the command su -c 'service abrtd restart'.
  5. Again cause the application to crash.

Expected Results

  1. The first crash should not be reported by ABRT.
  2. The second crash should be reported by ABRT.
  3. The reporting to BZ will fail, as ABRT will try to report the crash to our BZ.