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A complete installation using the graphical installer portion of anaconda. This test is fairly similar to QA/TestCases/UserInterfaceVnc, except this drives X on a physical adapter. This requires a system with working video hardware and 768MB RAM.

How to test

  1. Boot anaconda while specifying the command-line argument graphical
    • The command-line argument is optional - graphical is the default.
  2. Continue with default installation

Expected Results

  1. Graphical anaconda displays properly
  2. The installed system boots in graphical mode (runlevel 5)
  3. If the release being tested is a final release or post-Beta pre-release build, the artwork used in the boot menu and installer must be the correct and current artwork proposed for the release in question. 'Placeholder' artwork is acceptable for Beta and earlier builds. If a release version number is used, it must match the current Fedora release under development.