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This test confirms that you are able to install a system when booting the installer using only a kernel and initial ramdisk image.

Pxeboot Images Required
This test case requires having pxeboot images made available for a system. For further information on PXE, please see

How to test

  1. Boot test system off the network using the kernel (images/pxeboot/vmlinuz) and initial ramdisk image (images/pxeboot/initrd.img) and a valid inst.repo argument

Expected Results

  1. Graphical boot menu is displayed for users to select install options. If no option is selected, the installer should load after a reasonable timeout (this really depends on local PXE/TFTP setup, not something the project can control)
  2. Installer boots
  3. Installer transitions to anaconda without error
  4. The installer utilizes the package repository at the provided installation source