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{{Template:Associated_server_role_requirements|Database server}}
#REDIRECT [[QA:Testcase_database_server_remote_client]]
|description=Test basic functionality of the Database Server Role
|setup={{Database server setup}}
# Make note of the IP or hostname of the database server as well as the database name provided in the settings-file.
# If the database was created with a default owner and auto-generated password, retrieve those with the command
#: {{command|rolectl settings databaseserver/<instance>}}
#: (You can use tab-completion if you don't know the instance name)
Test whether a remote {{command|psql}} client can communicate with the database
# Install the {{command|postgresql}} package on another machine on the same network as the database server.
# Run the following command to verify the presence of the database
#: {{command|psql -h hostname -U db_owner -d database_name}}
The database role is working if
* You are presented with the password prompt and the correct password is accepted.
* No incorrect password is accepted.
* You are presented with the postgresql command shell on successful login.

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