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Test whether a Nextcloud account can be added to GNOME Online Accounts.


  1. Have a Nextcloud account (self-hosted or with a provider) or get free a Nextcloud account among this community maintained list of Nextcloud providers.
  2. Install Fedora Workstation.

How to test

  1. Start System Settings -> Online Accounts.
  2. Request to add a new "Nextcloud" account.
  3. Enter your connection details and credentials, confirm.
  4. Online Accounts should now display your Nextcloud account as added.
  5. Start Calendar, your Nextcloud calendar should be displayed there. You should be able to modify your events.
  6. Start Contacts, your Nextcloud contacts should be displayed there. You should be able to modify your contacts.
  7. Start Files, your Nextcloud files should be accessible from the left side bar. You should be able to manage your files.

Expected Results

  1. Your account data are accessible through listed GNOME applications.
  2. Please report all failures to the gnome-online-accounts tracker, if the problem seems to be account connection related, or to individual GNOME apps trackers, if the problem seems to be related to a particular application.