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Test GNOME Photos application.


  1. Ensure that GNOME Photos (package gnome-photos) is installed.
  2. Optional: If you store photos in a cloud, e.g. Google Photos, start Settings -> Online Accounts and add your online account. That will allow you to easily browse your cloud photos.
    • The failure to add an online account is not a failure of this test case, but a failure in GNOME Online Accounts.

How to test

  1. Run Gnome Photos.
  2. In GNOME, start Photos or run gnome-photos command.
  3. If you added an online account, you should already see your cloud photos. Verify that they show up correctly.
  4. Place some local photos to the ~/Pictures folder. Verify that they show up in Photos correctly.
  5. Mark some photos as favorites. Verify that they are now marked with a star and they are displayed in the Favorites tab.
  6. Unmark a photo from favorites. It should be removed from the Favorites tab and should no longer have a star on it.
  7. Select some photos and group them to an album. Verify that it shows up in the Albums tab and that it contains the correct photos.
  8. Repeat the process and create several albums.
  9. Add new photos to an existing album. Verify that they were correctly added.
  10. Remove some photos from an existing album. Verify that they were correctly removed.
  11. Add the same photo to several albums. Verify that it shows up in all of them.
  12. Verify that your favorite photos are correctly marked with a star even when looking at them through the Albums tab (as well as through Photos tab).
  13. Search for your photos according to their filename, they should show up correctly.
  14. Remove a selected photo (beware: this will move the selected photo to trash!). Verify that it was removed from ~/Pictures and moved to Trash, or removed from your online account.
  15. Repeat the last step, but this time undo the deletion using the delete notification. Verify that the photo wasn't removed.
  16. Edit a photo and use some of the available options, like crop, colors, filters, etc. Edit multiple photos, using different adjustments on each. Verify that they show up adjusted in the Photos/Albums/Favorities view (as applicable).
  17. Close Photos and open it again, verify that all your changes (albums, favorites, photo edits, etc) are still in place as expected.
  18. Perform some additional Exploratory testing.

Expected Results

  1. All actions should behave as expected.
  2. Please report all failures to the GNOME tracker.