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Even if you don't need to use accessibility technologies. Please find some time to test it for users who depends on these functionality.


  • Ensure that you have Package-x-generic-16.pngqt-at-spi and Package-x-generic-16.pngorca packages installed.
  • Test case Desktop Effects should have passed.
  • Ensure you have "QT_ACCESSIBILITY=1" in your environment by runnning: export QT_ACCESSIBILITY=1

How to test

  1. Navigate "System Settings" - "Desktop Effects" - "All Effects" and try all effects in "Accessibility" section. Use shortkeys to enable/disable effects.
  2. Run "Orca" application and using screen reader try to navigate in various KDE applications by mouse and keyboard. Read block of text using "+" key.

Expected Results

  1. All accessibility "effects" should work as in their descriptions. You can configure shortkeys and enable/disable effects with them.
  2. Orca should read navigation buttons when using mouse and keyboard. Orca should read block of text like websites and documents.