QA:Testcase biosdevname NIC rules persist after upgrade

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This test case tests if network interface names in Fedora 25 remain the same after upgrading to Fedora 26 (or Rawhide).


  1. Install Fedora 25 on your system.

How to test

  1. Inspect the network interface names on Fedora 14 using the command: ls /sys/class/net/
  2. Upgrade to the next Fedora release and boot into the upgraded system. If Fedora 26 is not available, Rawhide may be used instead.
  3. Once again, inspect the interface names using the command: ls /sys/class/net/

Expected Results

  1. Network interface names in Fedora Rawhide should be the same as they were in Fedora 14. Sample expected output is listed below.
# ls /sys/class/net/
eth0  eth1  eth2  eth3  eth4  eth5  lo