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Test to make sure wireless Bluetooth headphones pair to the system, produce audio, and any special function buttons work as they should.


  1. Ensure host computer has Bluetooth capability.
  2. Verify under systemd bluetooth is 'Active' and 'enabled' systemctl status bluetooth
    1. If not, start and enable the bluetooth service systemctl enable --now bluetooth

How to test

  1. Pair device
  2. Newly paired bluetooth device should be the default audio source (Settings > Sound).
  3. If the device supports A2DP, A2DP Sink should be default (Settings > Sound).
  4. Run the audio test ("Test Speakers" in Settings > Sound).
  5. Test music playback.
  6. If the device has a mic, make sure the mic works in a VOIP/meeting app (ex. Bluejeans).
  7. Check any media buttons on the headset (play, pause, back, forward).
  8. Power cycle the headset. Make sure device reconnects automatically.
  9. Reboot system. Make sure device reconnects automatically.

Expected Results

  1. Headphones pair to the system and stay paired.
  2. Audio playback is successful.
  3. If the headphones have a mic or function buttons, these work.


See the Bluetooth debug guide for help if problems are encountered.