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This test case tests whether applying a color profile in gnome-color-management is successful.

How to test

  1. Ensure the Package-x-generic-16.pnggnome-color-manager package is installed
  2. Remove any previous configuration by deleting the ~/.config/gnome-color-manager and ~/.color directories
  3. Ensure no color profiling hardware is connected
  4. Run the profile management tool: on the system menus, System / Preferences / Color Profiles
  5. On the Defaults tab, ensure the box Apply display correction is checked
  6. On the Devices tab, select a connected monitor from the list, and choose Blueish test from the Color Profile drop-down menu
  7. Close the tool, and run xcalib -c from a console
  8. Run Template:Gcm-apply from a console

Expected Results

  1. The display on the selected monitor should appear blue-tinted when first selecting Blueish test
  2. The display should return to normal when running xcalib -c
  3. The display should appear blue-tinted again after running Template:Gcm-apply
  4. The Create profile for device button should be greyed out when no profiling hardware is connected