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This test case tests whether the Palimpsest disk management tool can manage LVM groups. It requires a system with a hard disk containing at least one LVM group


  1. Ensure the gnome-disk-utility packages is installed
  2. Launch Gnome Disks, with the command gnome-disks or as Disks in the Activities view.

How to test

  1. Check that the LVM group(s) appear in the list of devices
  2. Select the group and ensure the information about the group and each individual volume is correct
  3. If you can safely do so, test starting and stopping the entire LVM group
  4. If you can safely do so, test mounting and unmounting volumes within the group, creating and destroying volumes, and formatting volumes

Expected Results

  1. The tool should display accurate information about all LVM groups and individual volumes
  2. The tool should be able to start and stop LVM groups, mount and unmount volumes, create and destroy volumes, and format volumes, in each case without causing any other changes to the group