QA:Testcase firewalld with network service

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This is the test case to check if firewalld and the network service are working together.

How to test

1. Prerequisite

2. Stop NetworkManager

 systemctl stop NetworkManager.service

Use ifconfig to see if the wired interface is still up:


If the wired interface (using eth0 as an example here) is up and running, please stop it:

 ifconfig eth0 down

Do not shut down the lo interface.

Restart firewalld to make sure that there are no active zones:

 systemctl restart firewalld.service

Get list of active zones:

 firewall-cmd --get-active-zones

This list should be empty.

3. Start network service

 systemctl start network.service

You should be connected, now.

 firewall-cmd --get-active-zones

Should list the interface as part of the default or configured zone.

4. Change zone of interface

Similar to [[QA:Testcase_firewalld_and_NetworkManager|Test case 3]

But you have to manually reconnect with

 systemctl restart network.service

5. Restore NetworkManager

 systemctl stop network.service
 systemctl start NetworkManager.service