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This is the test case to check if firewalld is able to start and if the firewall setup is working.

How to test

Start firewalld

 systemctl start firewalld.service

Check if it is up and running

 systemctl status firewalld.service

Check if the firewall command line tool firewall-cmd is able to connect to the firewall daemon

 firewall-cmd --state && echo "running"

The result should be running

Check if zones are set up

 iptables-save | grep ZONE | wc -l
 ip6tables-save | grep ZONE | wc -l

The output of both commands should not be null.

Check that you see no errors (or anything weird) in

 less /var/log/firewalld


 less /var/log/messages

The libvirtd errors have already been reported as Bug #884346

For more examples see also