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This tests whether gnome-terminal individual profiles can be configured properly, adhering to the system color theme and custom themes.


Make sure you have Package-x-generic-16.pnggnome-terminal installed: sudo dnf install gnome-terminal

How to test

  1. Run gnome-terminal (Activities->Applications->Other->Terminal or by pressing Alt-F2 and typing gnome-terminal).
  2. Click the burger menu (three horizontal lines) at top right and click Preferences, then click Unnamed under Profiles.
  3. On the Text tab, check "Custom font:" and try changing the font.
  4. On the Colors tab choose "Transparent Background".
  5. On the Colors tab uncheck "Use colors from system scheme" and select one of the built-in themes.
  6. Exit the Preferences window, try moving the terminal window around and maximizing it.
  7. Reopen Preferences window and set all settings back to default.

Expected Results

  1. The font should properly change to the selected one.
  2. When selected "Transparent Background", the background should become transparent to the underlying windows based on the selected percentage. It should remain transparent independently on the size of the terminal window or it's maximalization, and re-render underlying content properly when moved.
  3. After a change in color theme, the theme should change to desired one immediately.
  4. Reverting the settings should disable background opacity and set the colors and font back on the system default.