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As of 2024-03-08, atagoh requested that this test case be replaced by QA:Testcase_default_font_installation.


This testcase is to check that fonts packages for your language is correctly installed. The reference table was generated with all the langpacks installed. However, in most case, langpacks for a certain language only is installed. So you may need to check this result from different aspect. If the result is different to the table, that would means the font package on the table may overrode a default font. This is basically a bug in that font. This is a limitation in current test case since all the tables for languages needs to be generated for exact results.

For example, from

What the system tells us:
Sans -> NotoSansArabic-VF.ttf: "Noto Sans Arabic" "Regular"
Serif -> NotoNaskhArabic-VF.ttf: "Noto Naskh Arabic" "Regular"
Mono -> Vazirmatn[wght].ttf: "Vazirmatn" "Regular"

What the table provides and what we expect:
Sans -> NotoNaskhArabic-VF.ttf "Noto Naskh Arabic" "Regular"
Serif -> NotoNaskhArabic-VF.ttf: "Noto Naskh Arabic" "Regular"
Mono -> PakTypeNaskhBasic.ttf: "PakType Naskh Basic" "Regular"

This means paktype-naskh-basic-fonts affected our default font, vazirmatn-fonts. In this case, we need to fix something in paktype-naskh-basic-fonts.

How to test

  1. Log in your desktop
  2. Download a test script from
  3. Open a terminal
  4. Run the script using command "sh"
  5. Compare the result to the font packages list

Expected Results

  1. Script output should match the font packages list.
    • Example output for Gujarati language:
$ sh 
sans[gu]: Lohit-Gujarati.ttf: "Lohit Gujarati" "Regular"
serif[gu]: Lohit-Gujarati.ttf: "Lohit Gujarati" "Regular"
monospace[gu]: Lohit-Gujarati.ttf: "Lohit Gujarati" "Regular"
sans[gu-in]: Lohit-Gujarati.ttf: "Lohit Gujarati" "Regular"
serif[gu-in]: Lohit-Gujarati.ttf: "Lohit Gujarati" "Regular"
monospace[gu-in]: Lohit-Gujarati.ttf: "Lohit Gujarati" "Regular"