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This testcase checks whether kpartx will crash when called with invalid options. It is reported in fixed bug that when kpartx was passes something other than a file or a block device or a badly formed pathname, it could read off the end of the device string, and crash.

How to test

1. Ensure the device-mapper-multipath package is installed

   Execute: dnf -y install device-mapper device-mapper-multipath
   Execute: rpm -qa | grep multipath

2. Execute the following command to generate the configuration file:

   Execute: mpathconf --enable

3. Restart multipathd service

   Execute: service multipathd restart

4. kpartx called with invalid options /

   Execute:kpartx -l /

5. sleep 1 second

   Execute:sleep 1

6. check dmesg if there is segmentation fault

   Execute:dmesg | grep segfault

Expected Results

  1. no Segmentation fault, kpartx no longer crashes when called with invalid options.