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Gnome Music has now search, remote sources and playlist features to test.


Fedora repository doesn't include codecs for playing restricted music formats like mp3. You must do this testcase only with open format, legally downloaded music.
  • Ensure Gnome Music is installed.
    • Note: GNOME Music is not (and should not be) installed by default in Fedora 21. You will have to manually install it.
  • Download some music in open music format, for example here.

How to test

  1. Make sure Tracker is running and run application Music. Run 'gnome-music -d' in debug mode to get more log output in console
  2. Move your music into ~/Music or ~/Downloads
  3. Try to search, sort and click through artists, albums and songs.
  4. Play music from remote sources: Jamendo / Magnatune / UPnP sources
  5. Add/remove playlists and add/remove tracks to/from playlists

Expected Results

  1. Music should play without problem.
  2. No files outside ~/Music or ~/Downloads are displayed
    • Album art data is displayed for albums
    • Video files, which contain audio track, are filtered out
  3. Files can be seeked correcly
    • Shuffle/Repeat modes work as expected
    • Pressing Space pauses / resumes playback
    • Back button in Shuffle mode plays up to 10 previous songs
    • Back button on toolbar returns to previous view (if available)
    • Filter-as-you-type works on every screen
  4. Tracks from remote sources work correctly
    • Files from remote should behave as if they were local: searched, played and seeked
      • Known issue: cannot be added to playlists
    • Advanced search features (filtering by match type / source) works correctly
  5. Playlists work as expected