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This test case tests whether virtual terminal switching works successfully with the nouveau video driver, with kernel mode setting enabled. You must be using a video adapter supported by the nouveau.


  1. Ensure the nomodeset and nouveau.modeset=0 kernel parameters are not set in your bootloader configuration
    • You can see your current kernel options by running cat /proc/cmdline
  2. Ensure the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf does not exist, or is a valid file that uses the nouveau driver
  3. Shut your system down entirely, then start it up again
  4. If using a live image to test, ignore the above steps and simply boot the system from the live image with default options

How to test

  1. Switch to a virtual console: ctrl-alt-F2
  2. Log in to the console (as user root with no password, if you are using a live image to test), and run a test command
  3. Switch back to the graphical desktop: ctrl-alt-F1
  4. Switch back and forth again

Expected Results

  1. Switching between the graphical desktop and a virtual console should work correctly
  2. Both the virtual console and the graphical desktop should be displayed correctly, and this should work through repeated switches between the two