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This test case tests whether XVideo-accelerated video playback is successful with the Nouveau driver.

How to test

  1. Enable the nouveau driver. You may need to install the driver package, and download this file and install it as /etc/X11/xorg.conf
  2. Ensure mplayer is installed:
    yum install mplayer
  3. Ensure you have a known-working video file available: for example, this NetworkManager video (21MB)
  4. Shut your system down entirely, then start it up again
  5. Log in to the system, and open a console, and go to the directory where your video file is
  6. Play back the video with this command:
    mplayer -vo xv NET_MAN.ogg
    (change NET_MAN.ogg to the name of your video file, if different)
  7. Try moving the playback window around, pausing, skipping through the video forwards and backwards, and switching to full screen mode and back (f key)

Expected Results

  1. The video should play smoothly, in the correct colors, pausing and skipping and switching to and from full screen should work with no delays and no kind of corruption to the video or the rest of the desktop