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Qt for Python (official) bindings are called Pyside (Python module name) and since June 2018, the Qt company picked up lagging support and released Pyside2 with Qt 5.11 technical preview release. For now on, coming releases provide on par Python support with each main release.

Since latest bindings are still relatively new and not finished yet (2019-04), there are some things good to know. This pages contains some notes about Fedora and Pyside2.

  • Pyside2 was released with 5.11, first Fedora having Qt supporting it is f30 release with qt-5.12.
  • Fedora 30 /usr/bin/python is python2, Pyside2 uses/needs python3.

Pyside2 packaging for Fedora was tracked in bugzilla #1634658 and reviewed in #1701013.


Development kit:

# dnf install -y python-pyside2 pyside2-tools shiboken2 python-pyside2  python3-pyside2 python3-pyside2-devel python3-shiboken2 python3-shiboken2-devel 

Debugging support:

# dnf install -y pyside2-tools-debuginfo python-pyside2-debuginfo python-pyside2-debugsource python3-pyside2-debuginfo python3-shiboken2-libs-debuginfo shiboken2-debuginfo


Qt Creator is a project editor (IDE) for Qt.

  • project name cannot be yet changed because IDE's Python support is not finished yet.
  • Python intepreter needs to be changed manually: Projects -> Build & Run -> Run Settings -> Run -> Interpreter -> /usr/bin/python3


  • Designer XML UI file compailer is pyside2-uic

Packages using Qt for Python

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