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When and Where


  • Question and Answer session. Come in and ask questions about Fedora.
  • Live USB Creation Station.
  • Install Fest. Bring in your laptops and/or desktops and let us help you get Fedora installed.
  • Demo's of Education and Games Spin.
  • OLPC and Sugar desktop.
  • Demos of how easy it is to set up Ad-Hoc wifi connections.
  • Free Live CD's to take home .. try it out before you decide..
  • Free Install DVD's .. if you already know that you want to install take home the Full DVD version for free.


  1. * Kevin Higgins
  2. * Your name here



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Checkmark.png = Done Important.png = Working On Stop (medium size).png = Not Started

Task Owner Status Notes
Set Up Venue Kevin Higgins Checkmark.png
Create Flyer Tammy Higgins Checkmark.png
Put Flyers out at Clark College Kevin Higgins Checkmark.png
Get Listed on local news site event calendars Kevin Higgins Checkmark.png
Fedora Branded Table Skirt Kevin Higgins Important.png
Fedora pamphlets Kevin Higgins Important.png
Set Up Game Spin Station Kevin Higgins Checkmark.png
Set Up Education Spin Station Kevin Higgins Important.png
Set Up Network Server Install Station Kevin Higgins Stop (medium size).png Make sure to do Wifi Hot spot also
Set up Live USB Creation Station Kevin Higgins Important.png
Update OLPC Kevin Higgins Checkmark.png