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Fedora 11 Feature List

Fedora 11 Accepted Features

These features have been accepted by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee for the Fedora 11 Release.


% Complete Name Summary Updated
55% DeviceKit A simple system service to manage devices designed to partially replace hal and overcome some its design limitiations 2008-11-10
80% DNS Security DNSSEC (DNS SECurity) is mechanism which can prove integrity and autenticity of DNS data 2008-12-02
95 % Fingerprint Make fingerprint readers easy to use as secondary authentication 2008-12-08
2% Multiseat Make it simple to configure a system for multiseat operation, where two or more users each have their own keyboard, monitor, and mouse, and can work independently of each other 2008-11-18
90% Presto The presto plugin for yum adds support for downloading deltarpms and using them to generate new packages 2008-09-09
45% Python 2.6 Include Python 2.6 in Fedora 2008-12-09
80% TightVNC Make TightVNC the default VNC client in Fedora 2008-10-17
50% VolumeControl Make volume control intuitive and easy to use 2008-11-10
20% Windows Cross-compiler Build and test full-featured Windows programs, from the comfort of the Fedora system, without needing to use Windows. 2008-10-28

Proposed Features

Feature Process

  • The process for adding, proposing, and accepting new features into Fedora is here: Feature Process .

Fedora 11 Release Schedule