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This page is maintained by the Feature Wrangler --he gets less confused if he is the only person making changes :)

Proposed Fedora Features

Ready for Feature Wrangler

Ready For FESCo

  • Feature pages in Category:FeatureReadyForFesco indicate that they have been reviewed by the Feature Wrangler and are ready for FESCo's review.
  • FESCo tracks features to be reviewed in their ticketing system after they reach Category:FeatureReadyForFesco. If you are a feature owner you should be notified prior to the meeting so you can be present. Routine meeting information for FESCo is found on the FESCo page. However, FESCo does hold supplementary meetings from time to time. If you do not know the meeting time, you can ask on IRC Freenode, #fedora-devel, or email the FESCo list.

Accepted Fedora 14 Features

Feature Pages Under Construction

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