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Fedora 7 Eclipse Plans

  • Last modified: 2007-01-06
  • Owners: AndrewOverholt
  • Targeted release: Fedora 7

Current Status

  • The Eclipse SDK itself is ready to go with 3.2.2. Ben Konrath is tracking down a recently-introduced gcj problem [1] but there are no major issues we are aware of.
  • The GNU Autotools work is nearing a 1.0 release upstream and the latest release is included in F7. Jeff Johnston will only include bug fixes between now and final if there are any.
  • "Stubby" is more of an upstream issue and we're working on a few underlying issues (auto-requires/provides for OSGi-containing RPMs, easier and consistent building of plugins) before we tackle the actual specfile creation.
  • The language packs have made their way into Fedora. We now have translations for the Eclipse SDK for approximately 17 languages.
  • Mylar [2] has entered Fedora 7 as a replacement for the aging and unmaintained bugzilla plugin (eclipse-mylar-bugzilla Provides and Obsoletes eclipse-bugzilla for ease of upgrading). One gcj bug that has been fixed upstream is necessary for proper SSL bugzilla operation but that should hit rawhide in the next respin. Red Hat bugzilla seems to have some issues with adding comments to bugs but I am tracking this down and will hopefully fix before final.
  • The RPM plugin did not make it in. There has been a lot of work upstream on the specfile editor recently. Perhaps Fedora 8 will include some form of the editor and/or the rest of the plugin.
  • Pydev has had some legal issues which I have not had time to sort out [3] . Once they are cleared, it can enter Fedora. I will try to take care of this ASAP.

-- AndrewOverholt, 2007-04-18


We'll be sticking with Eclipse SDK 3.2.x since 3.3 won't be out until after F7. Our development work is largely related to the CDT and GNU Autotools support therein.

Usage cases/rationale


Test Plan

AndrewOverholt ran the Eclipse SDK tests and posted the results here: [4]



See the GNU Autotools Integration Plans . FIXME: link to tools CVS at or SVN at

In order to make packaging Eclipse plugins easier, we're working on an Eclipse Feature -> Specfile stubber (aka "stubby"). FIXME: link to tool SVN at

Kyu Lee has been writing a tool to turn the upstream IBM-donated translations into a form we can use in Fedora. They are packaged upstream on a per-feature basis where we'd like them to be chunked up on a per-language basis. FIXME: link to tool SVN at

We'd like to see Mylar packaged up and have it replace the aging eclipse-bugzilla. This will need a maintainer (blocking on stubby and 1.5 support from gcj)

It would be nice if we can include the RPM plugins. We'd especially like to see the specfile editor.


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