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Fedora 7

Fedora 7 will be the next release of Fedora. It is highlighted by the elimination of the distinction between Fedora Core and Fedora Extras entirely; there is only Fedora.

The name of the release is Fedora 7, unlike previous ones which featured 'Core' in their names (e.g. Fedora Core 6).

Release Schedule

The schedule for Fedora 7 is as follows:

Date Event
23 January 2007 F7 Test1 development freeze
1 February 2007 F7 Test1 release
20 February 2007 F7 Test2 development freeze
1 March 2007 F7 Test2 release
20 March 2007 F7 FEATURE freeze
F7 string freeze
F7 Test3 development freeze
29 March 2007 F7 Test3 Release
17 April 2007 F7 translation freeze
F7 Test4 development freeze
26 April 2007 F7 Test4 Release
Continual freeze. Only critical bugs fixed
17 May 2007 Final devel freeze
31 May 2007 F7 General Availability
13 June 2008 End of Life (No more updates)

Documentation Project Schedule


Development freeze:: The package set is frozen. Only packages that fix significant issues found in testing are added to the tree.

Feature freeze:: All features must be complete in a testable state. Anything that's not will either be dropped or reverted.

String freeze:: Translatable Fedora-specific strings and user-interfaces should be frozen, to give the translators time to finish their work. No new strings should be added without notifying the L10N team.

Translation freeze:: Translations made until this date are guaranteed to get in the release. Translations after this may or may not make it in the release.

Release:: Availability for download.


Feature Schedule

If not stated, all features must be Testable by test 3, or risk eviction. All features must be fully functional by test 4, or risk eviction.

Absolute, must have features for Fedora 7 are enumerated here.

I've got this great feature idea!

OK. Are you going to work on it? Can you cajole/force someone else to be Accountable? Then we'll add it!

Feature List