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Replace sysklogd with rsyslog as the default.


  • Name: PeterVrabec

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 8
  • Last updated: 2007-08-22
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

Latest SRPMS/specs can be found at:

Review request

Usage cases/rationale

As you may notice, sysklogd upstream seems dead with no new developments being released. However, there are a lot of new features that people would like to have and are asking for:

  1. TCP based network transport for log messages.
  2. Secure transport over the network.
  3. A realtime analysis framework for logmessages (e.g. to launch programs on alerts).
  4. Database backend.
  5. Rule (pattern) based de-multiplexing of log messages (e.g. logging to different files based on regexp).
  6. Backward compatibility with existing syslog configuration

rsyslog is the package that comes closest to meet this requirements. It has an active upstream and it is backwards compatible since its forked from the current default daemon. It has a bunch of features that you may want to look at:

Why Not Syslog-ng?


testing, bugfixing, implementing new features.

Test Plan

  1. Test that introduced rsyslog package replaces sysklogd properly.
  2. Test all features you want to see in the new rsyslog in F8 and speak up if you miss any.


Same dependencies as in sysklogd.

Contingency Plan


Release Notes