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Fedora 8

Fedora 8 will be the next release of Fedora.

Fedora 8 Release Summary

What's new and exciting about Fedora 8? Reach for the release summary.

Release Schedule

The schedule for Fedora 8 is as follows:

31 May 2007 F7 Final Release
24 July 2007 F8 Test1 freeze
7 August 2007 F8 Test1 release
28 August 2007 F8 FEATURE freeze
28 August 2007 F8 string freeze
28 August 2007 F8 Test2 freeze
13 September 2007 F8 Test2 release
25 September 2007 F8 translation freeze
25 September 2007 F8 Test3 freeze
4 October 2007 F8 Test3 release
4 October 2007 Development freeze. Only critical bugs fixed
17 October 2007 Final Development freeze. Only Release Blocker bugs fixed
8 November 2007 F8 final release
7 January 2009 End of Life (No more updates)

In addition to the test releases, the nightly trees will usually be installable.

Historically Test and General Availability releases happen at 10:00am Eastern US Time, which is either 1400UTC or 1500UTC depending on daylight savings.


Development freeze : The package set is frozen. Only packages that fix significant issues found in testing are added to the tree.

Feature freeze : All features must be complete in a testable state. Anything that's not will either be dropped or reverted.

String freeze : Packages which we are the 'upstream' for freeze their translatable strings. No new strings should be added without notifying the L10n team. ( more info )

Translation freeze: Packages which we are the 'upstream' for should pull translations and be repackaged after this date. Translations made up to this point are guaranteed to be in the release. ( more info )

Test freeze : Rawhide is frozen until the test release is compiled.

Release: Availability for download. With a test release a test freeze ends and with the final release the development freeze ends.

Final Development freeze : Rawhide is frozen until the final release is compiled.

Schedule Rationale

A 5 month development schedule has been planned for Fedora 8 in order to get into a regular and predictable release schedule with a new release every 6 months. Having a new release on April and October moves development forward without getting distracted with winter holidays and Red Hat fiscal quarters.

Documentation Project Schedule

Individual Project Schedules

The following are links to the current schedules for various significant projects which are included in Fedora so that we can easily check how we line up with them.

Release Features


Feature Schedule

If not stated, all features must be Testable by test 2, or risk eviction. All features must be fully functional by test 3, or risk eviction.

I've got this great feature idea!

OK. Are you going to work on it? Can you cajole/force someone else to be Accountable? Then we'll add it!

Feature List