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Fedora 8 Feature List

Fedora 8 Release Summary

Fedora 8 Approved Features

The following is a list of features approved by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee:

100% Bluetooth Enhancements to Bluetooth 2007-09-07
100% Build ID Make core dumps self-identifying enough to find the exact correct versions of all relevant binaries and debuginfo 2007-10-04
100% Codec Buddy Helper app promotes Free alternatives and guides users trying to play content under restricted codecs 2007-09-11
100% Eclipse33 Re-base Eclipse stack to Europa release 2007-10-04
100% Electronic Lab Introduction to Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Design Flow.(Micro-Nano Electronic Engineering)
This lab provides tools for physical layout, hardware description languages (VHDL,verilog), LVS/DRC checks, Analog/Digital design, circuit simulation, Backend Product design and many more... along with 7 extra standard cells libraries up to a feature size of 0.13µm. Read the abstract for more details or the flyer .
100% Generic Logos Create generic logos to allow generic branding of Fedora 2007-09-28
100% IcedTea New completely Free and open source Java environment from Red Hat and others derived from OpenJDK 2007-09-25
100% Laptop Support Improved support for using Fedora on Laptops 2007-10-11
100% Network Manager System wide default network manager integration 2007-10-26
100% Nepali Language Support Support for Nepali Language 2007-08-22
100% Nodoka Theme New default theme for GNOME 2007-08-25
100% PAM Console (remove it) We need to remove pam_console and migrate all users to use the ACLs as set by HAL 2007-10-03
100% Policy Kit Easy and painless administration 2007-10-03
100% Pulse Audio Feature rich sound server 2007-10-02
100% rsyslog Make rsyslog the new default syslog daemon--Rsyslog has a assorted set of new features that makes system administration easier 2007-08-22
100% Tickless Kernel Make the default x86_64 kernel tickless 2007-08-20
100% Transifex Use Fedora Web-based tools to contribute to any upstream project, large or small, through one translator-oriented Web interface 2007-10-03
100% Online Desktop Snapshot of a redesigned desktop experience around online services 2007-08-30
100% Virt Security Secure remote management for Xen, KVM & QEMU virtualization 2007-10-11
100% Wakeups (fix them) Powertop is included. Need to start tracking egregious offenders 2007-10-03
100% XFS (no more) Don't start XFS font server daemon by default and fix font packages. Savings on performance and bootup time 2007-10-02

Fedora 8 Proposed Features

The deadline (Feature Freeze) for proposing and completing new features in F8 is past.

Features for future releases of Fedora may be proposed at any time--Fedora 9 is not that far away!

Feature Process

Fedora 8 Release Schedule