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Generic Logos


We want to enable generic branding for Fedora, such that a tree built without fedora-logos is still reasonably functional if done right, without excessive developer attention.


  • Name: BillNottingham, SethVidal

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 8
  • Last updated: [[DateTime(2007-09-28T17:41:30Z)]
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

Detailed Description

Benefit to Fedora

Users who wish to respin Fedora with additional packages can easily abide by our trademark guidelines, without having to create their own artwork.


  1. (./) Determine what packages require fedora-logos/system-logos - done
  2. (./) Drill down to the file level to determine exactly what they require, and their fallback, if any, if those files are not present. - done
  3. Warning.png Execute on fixing each case - in progress

Cases of logo usage:

  • (./) anaconda - done
  • (./) compiz - done
  • (./) firstboot - done
  • (./) grub - done
  • (./) rhgb - done
  • (./) gdm - done (infinity GDM theme isn't branded)
  • redhat-artwork
  • (./) gnome-screensaver - done
  • (./) gnome-session - done
  • (./) slim - done
  • (./) wdm - done
  • (./) crystal-clear - done
  • (./) crystal-project - done
  • (./) kdebase - done
  • (./) control-center - done with move of backgrounds
  • gnome-panel - not needed?
  • (./) httpd, lighttpd, etc. - done

4. (./) Package generic-logos is available in rawhide. - done 5. Tweak any distribution compose tools to automatically pull this version, if needed. - not sure this is necessary

Test Plan

Remove fedora-logos, install whatever the replacement package is named. Make sure things still operate in a sane manner.

User Experience

Should be no significant changes. Replacement logos/artwork may be slightly uglier, but... eh.


No feature-specific dependencies.

Contingency Plan

Remain at status-quo: removal of fedora-logos breaks the system.


Possibly add snippets to any docs about respinning about how to get the generic logos.

Release Notes

None should be needed.

How you can help

For any package not fixed yet, see the corresponding section on this page .