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Frobozz in Mumblefrotz

  • Last modified: @DATE@
  • Owners: YourNameHere
  • Targeted release: Fedora 7

Current status

Frobozz in Mumblefrotz is currently delayed due to cosmic rays.


Frobozz in Mumblefrotz adds support for Frobozz to the Mumblefrotz editor.

Usage cases/rationale

Persephone is a content editor who needs support for her old Frobozz documents. Right now, she is forced to use Flibberty, which doesn't work optimally, nor is it the default editor. By adding support to Mumblefrotz, it integrates cleanly into the desktop environment.


Requires changing the Mumblefrotz package and libFrobozz.

Test Plan

Import Frobozz documents into MumbleFrotz.


Depends on the Hoople feature.


... insert design & implementation details here, including links to other features ...


End user documentation should be linked from here...


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