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The web interface is targeted towards people creating Fedora Spins and Remixes. It will use the existing tools like livecd-creator and pungi to create the actual images. Initial target is just live images. It will be a 100% free and open source web application written in ruby on rails.

Name of the application


  • renaissance
  • almanac
  • weaver
  • composer
  • potpourri
  • dorrie
  • sanroor

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What's happening

August 16, 2009: Rahul Sundaram suggested it. Shreyank Gupta is implementing it as a ruby on rails application.


We need help with someone from the design team to draw mockups

Current Status

  • Imported Comps into a mysql database.


  • Who is the primary target audience?

Folks creating Fedora Spins and Remixes

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