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The web interface is targeted towards people creating Fedora Spins and Remixes. It will use the existing tools like livecd-creator and pungi to create the actual images. Initial target is just live images. It will be a 100% free and open source web application.

Name of the application

dorrie 1 2 (Transliterated word, no specific spelling exists)

What's happening

August 16, 2009: Rahul Sundaram suggested it. Shreyank Gupta is implementing it as a Django application.


We need help with someone from the design team to draw mockups

Current Status

* Name, select template Kiskstart file.
* Select Language, Timezone. Defaults to the vaules from the base template.
* Select package groups. Defaults values from base template. 
* Select individual packages. Selection stored in Database.
* Build and Downlaod custom Kickstart file.
* Build and Downlaod custom LiveCD ISO image.

Features Planned

* Distribution name
* Live or Install image. Initially support will be only added for Live image
* Select template (kickstart files from spin-kickstart package)
* Select groups (inherited from comps) and individual packages 
* Default language, other languages to include 
* Default wallpaper
* Hostname
* Default username
* root password, user password
* home directory content
* Custom Packages
* Custom Repositories
* Image type: ISO, virt image, raw disk
* User Management via FAS integration.
* Search Packages.
* Live dry-run.

Existing Workflow

1 name of image - will be used as the name of the kickstart file, filesystem label and image name
2 select template - based on kickstart files from spin-kickstart package
3 select package groups,  individual packages - derived from comps and with the ability to search as well
4 language, timezone - Default is English and US - E
5 generate image with progress bar
6 download image and kickstart file


First Cut

Expected to be out by end January.

Get the code

The project is hosted at

Download the source from git:

git clone git://


git clone


  • Who is the primary target audience?

Folks creating Fedora Spins and Remixes

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