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* Foo Bar
* Foo Bar
* Lakshmi Narasimhan T V [ contact]
* Lakshmi Narasimhan T V [ contact]
* [[User:Arunprakash | Arun Prakash]
== Program ==
== Program ==

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Fedora Mini Remote FAD

There are a lot of pages in Category:Distribution that are outdated. This quick get together over the IRC will try and update as many as possible and archive obsolete pages.

When and Where

January 22/23 2010. Time still to be decided

  1. fedora,#fedora-fad on Freenode

Event owner

Ankur Sinha


  • Ankur Sinha
  • Foo Bar
  • Lakshmi Narasimhan T V contact
  • [[User:Arunprakash | Arun Prakash]


  • Look up each page in Category:Distribution
  • Assign pages to volunteers
  • Take necessary action on each page:
    • Add to archive (Obsolete page)
    • Contact vendors for updating contact information etc.
    • Ping members of various teams to confirm activity
  • If time remains, a question/answer session.


  • Internet connection to log on to IRC
  • A cup of coffee